Thursday, September 22, 2016

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June 20
so this week has been pretty good, we did tons of service. then to top it all off we had some great plans for Tuesday after district meeting to find out that I am being transferred to Tallahassee and we need to be in Daphne Tuesday at 2 so our plans got canceled and today got really busy. so I am going to be spending my last two weeks as an office elder. so why are Jessica and Alex not going. happy father’s day, love you dad

July 2

so this is my last email! so this week has been fun we have met with a bunch of people. but I have only met people once and most likely won’t see them again. so I weighed myself yesterday and the weight gain for my mission is about 30 lbs., I’m fat now. so I can’t really ask you questions because I won’t see the reply but hope you are having a fun time at the cabin.

District activity

Monday, June 13, 2016

RV rides and wild hog

May 23
So this week was good, we had a really good lesson with one of our investigators. She wasn’t progressing but we now know how to help her. Also we helped do family at a family reunion and we got to ride in elder and sister prices RV, so that was fun. On the way back elder Moore got hit with a can of green beans.

May 29
So this week was fun, we had two potlucks and at one of them they had a ton of wild hog there. They are super fatty but they were super good. Also this week I bit into a piece of moldy bread :(  It was dark so I didn't see the mold but I definitely could taste it. The humidity is definitely picking up. The mosquitoes are pretty bad but I have not had an encounter with chiggers yet. Everything is going to be so different when I come home

June 6
So this week has been good. But this upcoming week should be fun. We are having a zone conference tomorrow and that should be really fun. So what do you guys have planned for me when I get home? Try not to plan anything Saturday afternoon and Sunday because I will be driving up to my mission president’s homecoming by the MT. Timpanogos temple.

June 13

So this week we did a lot of service. We helped at the YMCA we helped a member clear some of his property and we mowed someone’s lawn. Also the zone conference was super fun. We got to do a skit with my suit of armor and i forgot the middle part at the apartment, but it was still good. Also they had ice cream there and they were asking us to eat more so I probably ate a half gallon by myself, after I had 3 pieces of pizza. So it was super fun. So I have given 4 talks on my mission but i will always be really nervous. So is Jessica going to miss my homecoming?

Monday, May 16, 2016

April 25- May 16

April 25, 2016
Things are going good here. So when is Jessica getting married? So did your cousin bring any Swiss candy? If they did save me some. So we have a place to skype but we don’t have a time yet, we are having dinner with them on Saturday and we will talk to them then. What time do you guys have church? I have learned a lot on my mission about many different things.
Love you mom

May 2
So I will be face timing you around 3 your time. So this week was good. We did tons of service, I like service. Are there any ideas on who the new bishop will be? When is the beach trip?
You guys have to watch this video that the mission president put on the blog

May 8, 2016
Talking with you guys was great. I wish that I could give you all a hug. My black suit is ripping slightly and it is really tight. We work with a couple less actives that we are trying to help and we want their family to be fixed. We want to help them so bad. But we do some pretty good service most of the time it is yard work and cutting trees and stuff, but it is really fun.
Love you so much

May 16, 2016
This week we are seeing some progression with one of the people we are working with. It is awesome. Also, we did some service and we both got sunburned. It sucks when you have to wear a collared shirt when you are sunburned. Also a member gave us some lemon Oreos and we decided to make some mega Oreo.

Here are some pictures when I went to the court house where to kill a mocking bird took place. So how did Ryan die? He was my age right?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March 21 - April 18

March 21
This week has been good. We got a flat tire and Elder Decker didn’t know how to change it so I had to do it. We has a super tiny jack and the car almost fell off of it a couple of times. So they are planning on putting missionaries back in Jay. Ok so this transfer is a 7 week transfer and Elder Decker goes home on week 6, so after zone training I went and asked president what was going to happen to me because I would be without a companion for a week. He had totally forgot. So I have no idea what will be happening next week.

March 28
So Elder Decker goes home on Wednesday. I found out that I will be in Atmore from Wednesday till transfers. But this week was good, we had a lot of meal appointments, mainly because Elder Decker is going home. I’ve seen it with every companion I’ve had that went home. You get fed more right before they go home.  I’m not complaining.

April 4
This week I have been in Atmore with Elder Moore because his companion went home also. We got transfer news yesterday and I am going to be in Atmore and my new companion is Elder Moore. So we have to plan a trip back to Brewton to get the remainder of my stuff. So is Jessica going to have one of the cars/trucks or are you guys keeping all of them for like me till I get married and Brant, Tanner, and Miles while they are still at home? Elder Moore is a great guy, he is from Syracuse Utah and he goes home in two transfers so it looks like I am going to kill another missionary.

April 11
My new address is:
 710 E laurel St. #206
Atmore, Alabama 36502.
So they gave me a call on Tuesday about my release date and I kind of freaked out a little bit. Elder Renlunds talk worked perfectly with a less active in Brewton. I hope she watched it. I love you too mom
The new area is good and elder Moore is super cool, so we are like 45 min away from the place where "to kill a mocking bird" took place

April 18
This week has been pretty good. We got some family history training from a senior couple here. So does Brant know when he will be leaving, if I get home before he leaves I could show him a few things. I did not have Bro. Heap for seminary. It is crazy that Jessica is getting married so soon, and they couldn't wait 2 more months.  It doesn’t look like I have ran across anyone that has had that 7th positive interaction yet

Love Elder Savage

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Storms in the mission

February 15, 2016
So this week has been good. So we found out about transfers this week and Elder Decker and I are staying in Brewton. But they are taking the sisters out of Jay so we are taking over there area so our area is massive right now. Also Elder Decker and I have both been sick over the weekend, I got really bad yesterday but Elder Decker is better and I am getting there.
PS Elder Decker likes his pj shorts

February 22, 2016
So this week has been good.  With the tornado cleanup we cleaned up debris and put tarps on houses.  There were uprooted trees everywhere. We still had power the tornado was about 20 minutes from us. So Elder Decker will be going home this transfer, add another to the list of missionary’s I’ve killed. We had to go to Pensacola this week to get our oil changed and it took them 3 hours to do it.

Feb 29, 2016
So this week was pretty much back to normal. No more service for now. But we had a pretty good week, but it was a really busy one. We were going all over the place trying to see the sisters people that we haven’t seen yet but things are coming along well.

March 7, 2016
Wow dad is getting old. Tell him happy birthday for me. So this week was a really rough week. No one was home and I mean no one. but we had a fun activity that was supposed to be with non-members and less actives, but it just turned into a branch party pretty much, but it was still fun we watched Meet the Mormons and had tones of snacks. So I don’t know if you know Eliza or not but she got married this week. She was one of my friends but she didn’t go to success, she was a year younger than me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Only 6 months left

Jan 25, 2016
So this week was really busy. We had to go to Pensacola so many times this week. Also the zone leaders cancelled our trade off this week and are not sure if we are going to have one now. So this week it has been raining a lot not much flooding but it has been really cold. Cold enough that is snowed on Friday! It was very light and melted as soon as it touched anything but it was snowing. So how long are you going to have braces?

Feb 1, 2016

So our investigators didn’t come to church. But this week we had a branch blitz and so we got to see a lot of less actives. That is so awesome that Jess is getting married. When I get home I will have a brother in law. Alex is super cool. I’m just a little disappointed that they didn’t wait for me to get home.

Feb 8, 2016
So this week has been a normal week. But this week I made some red beans and rice with some cheese and some sausage and it was really good. Also I made the cookies that you sent me for Christmas finally, but I burned myself pretty bad on my finger. And I am sure that elder Decker will like his pj's shorts. So is there anyone else getting close to going on a mission besides Brant? Also Saturday was my 18 month mark so I burned my pants.
Love you

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Holidays in the mission

Visiting General Authorities
So this week has been good. We have some investigators that are part of a biker gang and they asked if we could help a member move in down the street from us. The rest of the biker gang was there and we have gotten to be good friends with them. We might end up teaching the whole biker gang. They definitely smoke and drink a lot though. So we haven't worked all the details out yet but we have a place to facetime on Christmas, we just don’t have a time yet.

So this week not much has happened. It has been a slow week. It has been raining a little bit this week and it is starting to get colder, I most likely won’t be wearing shorts on Christmas day this year :) but I will most likely face time you guys at 10 your time.  Also you should open your present from me all together on the face time. So what are your plans for Christmas? Where are you going and with who?

So this week has been a fun one we had our Christmas half mission conference. All of the districts had to prepare a less than 2 minuet skit and for ours I got to wear my suit of armor. It was super fun. We also played some minute to win it games and I won one of them. I had to get as many candy canes from one bowl to another using a candy cane in my mouth. There is a video that we have been sharing with people called life without a savior and it is really good. So we are still planning on face timing around 10 your time.  Talk to you on Christmas. Love you

Talking to Dallin on Christmas.

So this week was good. We didn’t do much on New Year’s, we had to be in by 5 and so we did some planning and then we played around with our Nerf guns. One thing that was super cool is that our investigator and his wife came to church and he even got up during testimony meeting. So transfers are happening this week and both of us are staying. I am glad everyone likes there presents. I definitely had more fun making the ties. But after tie making got banned I had to try something. Crocheting is OK it is cool for a while but it is so tedious.

so our investigators didn’t come to church because it was stake conference this week, so this week I made some corn chowder, but moms is definitely better. So when is Alex going to propose? So Dad, how far is your mission from mine? Maybe we can visit our missions together. My favorite part is all of the cool members that you get to meet.

So I had some extra bacon from the corn chowder that I made yesterday, it was pretty good. But this week should be good because we have tradeoffs with the zone leaders today and I get to go to Pace. Also while I am there I get to eat dinner with an old investigator that got baptized after I left and he just got the Melchizedek priesthood. And after that we have interviews with our mission president. The temple in Cedar is going to be awesome.