Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 10 & 17

November 10
 This week has been good. The days have been nice in the afternoon, but it gets so cold in the morning. This week it is suppose to get to the high 30s in the morning and when you add the humidity, it is so cold. I got lights on my bike so I can see/ be seen at night. I also lost a bet with the other elders in Pace so elder Whitney and I both had to shave our legs, my legs get super cold now. Something that sucks is that one of our investigators said he was coming to church and he sounded so sincere but then he didn't show up. It sucked.

November 17
It has been getting pretty cold here. The low this week was 29 and the high was 50. We had a member look up the weather and at one point it was colder here then it was in cedar. crazy right?! I didn't expect to be cold in Florida.  Right now I don't have a very warm coat and there are not many good coats in the stores here but one of the members said  he could hook us up with some nice, but cheap jackets from the military base. 
(I asked Dallin what a typical day was like for him). so a typical day here is we leave around 10 and walk around till 1 and eat lunch. Then we bike/walk/drive till dinner. Then we walk around some more and  then come back and plan at 9 then chill till 10:30.
  It rained last night and it rained hard. We went to a members house and he had a salt water fish tank and he had a bunch of fish and coral in it. It was really cool.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 3, 2014

The weather has been great in Florida, it gets really cold at night but it warms up quick. We would go out with jackets and within ten minutes take them off because it warmed up. It has been in the 60s and it has felt so good but at night and in the morning it will get to the 30s.
we use the computers at the library and they don’t like to let me send pictures a lot so I have some stocked up to send you.  A member emailed me this picture.