Saturday, January 23, 2016

Holidays in the mission

Visiting General Authorities
So this week has been good. We have some investigators that are part of a biker gang and they asked if we could help a member move in down the street from us. The rest of the biker gang was there and we have gotten to be good friends with them. We might end up teaching the whole biker gang. They definitely smoke and drink a lot though. So we haven't worked all the details out yet but we have a place to facetime on Christmas, we just don’t have a time yet.

So this week not much has happened. It has been a slow week. It has been raining a little bit this week and it is starting to get colder, I most likely won’t be wearing shorts on Christmas day this year :) but I will most likely face time you guys at 10 your time.  Also you should open your present from me all together on the face time. So what are your plans for Christmas? Where are you going and with who?

So this week has been a fun one we had our Christmas half mission conference. All of the districts had to prepare a less than 2 minuet skit and for ours I got to wear my suit of armor. It was super fun. We also played some minute to win it games and I won one of them. I had to get as many candy canes from one bowl to another using a candy cane in my mouth. There is a video that we have been sharing with people called life without a savior and it is really good. So we are still planning on face timing around 10 your time.  Talk to you on Christmas. Love you

Talking to Dallin on Christmas.

So this week was good. We didn’t do much on New Year’s, we had to be in by 5 and so we did some planning and then we played around with our Nerf guns. One thing that was super cool is that our investigator and his wife came to church and he even got up during testimony meeting. So transfers are happening this week and both of us are staying. I am glad everyone likes there presents. I definitely had more fun making the ties. But after tie making got banned I had to try something. Crocheting is OK it is cool for a while but it is so tedious.

so our investigators didn’t come to church because it was stake conference this week, so this week I made some corn chowder, but moms is definitely better. So when is Alex going to propose? So Dad, how far is your mission from mine? Maybe we can visit our missions together. My favorite part is all of the cool members that you get to meet.

So I had some extra bacon from the corn chowder that I made yesterday, it was pretty good. But this week should be good because we have tradeoffs with the zone leaders today and I get to go to Pace. Also while I am there I get to eat dinner with an old investigator that got baptized after I left and he just got the Melchizedek priesthood. And after that we have interviews with our mission president. The temple in Cedar is going to be awesome.

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