Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One Year Down!

August 10

So this week has been good. We had our first other lesson this week, it went well. It really sucks building an area from the ground up. So small towns have advantages and disadvantages, the advantages are that the people most of the time are nicer, but on the other hand the town has been completely over worked and it is hard to find people out in the boonies. So on Sunday we had to teach primary. With two brothers that are the only primary kids. We were given the lesson and then when the first hour was up no one showed up to take over so we had them color and we just watched. They were really rambunctious and they were wrestling in the middle of class and with our missionary rules we couldn’t do much about it (we are not allowed to touch them). So it was an adventure. So this week was my year mark, crazy to think that I have been out longer than I have left.

August 17
So this week was fun. I had two tradeoffs and I left the area two times. The first one I went to Thomasville and the second one I was in Tallahassee. They were both really good for me. So we had a really rough day yesterday. We were tracting and we ran into a Baptist who was "concerned for our salvation" and he wouldn’t take anything we said to him. Next we were going up to knock on this door and the owner came up on his tractor and told us to get off his property and he wouldn’t even accept a free family history card. I got really stressed and when we got home that night we planned and I went to bed.

I go to send you pictures and I always forget about some stuff that happens. I got stung by a bee and Saturday and I also made cookies, some of them didn’t make it to the picture.

August 24
So this week has been good. I have got to know all of the members because there is like 15 of them. But we have been picking up some new investigators. The work here is slowly picking up. So one thing that happened this week is sometimes we pack a dinner so we don’t have to drive back to the house and then back to town. So I had my sandwich and Elder McEwan decided to go to taco bell. Well I was broke and I have only eaten at taco bell twice here.
 I can honestly say that that was one of the most awkward moments of my life when I walked into taco bell with a sandwich and sit down and start eating.

Searching for Someone to Rescue


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3rd

The new area is different, in my last two areas I have lived in the city and this area I am in the boonies. Our area covers all of Grady County. When I got here there was nothing to do because the elder I replaced was going home and he was trunky. So we made a map and fixed up the area book. We have been tracting all week. It has been in the 100s all week. It is so hot.
But on the bright side we get fed more than my last area we get fed regularly 4 days of the week. I’m going to get fat here. So crazy, the temple will be so cool. I can’t believe that everyone is already coming home. I guess I got on the boat late. Make sure to record some of Braxton talking when he gets home. I want to hear his accent.