Thursday, March 10, 2016

Storms in the mission

February 15, 2016
So this week has been good. So we found out about transfers this week and Elder Decker and I are staying in Brewton. But they are taking the sisters out of Jay so we are taking over there area so our area is massive right now. Also Elder Decker and I have both been sick over the weekend, I got really bad yesterday but Elder Decker is better and I am getting there.
PS Elder Decker likes his pj shorts

February 22, 2016
So this week has been good.  With the tornado cleanup we cleaned up debris and put tarps on houses.  There were uprooted trees everywhere. We still had power the tornado was about 20 minutes from us. So Elder Decker will be going home this transfer, add another to the list of missionary’s I’ve killed. We had to go to Pensacola this week to get our oil changed and it took them 3 hours to do it.

Feb 29, 2016
So this week was pretty much back to normal. No more service for now. But we had a pretty good week, but it was a really busy one. We were going all over the place trying to see the sisters people that we haven’t seen yet but things are coming along well.

March 7, 2016
Wow dad is getting old. Tell him happy birthday for me. So this week was a really rough week. No one was home and I mean no one. but we had a fun activity that was supposed to be with non-members and less actives, but it just turned into a branch party pretty much, but it was still fun we watched Meet the Mormons and had tones of snacks. So I don’t know if you know Eliza or not but she got married this week. She was one of my friends but she didn’t go to success, she was a year younger than me.