Monday, June 13, 2016

RV rides and wild hog

May 23
So this week was good, we had a really good lesson with one of our investigators. She wasn’t progressing but we now know how to help her. Also we helped do family at a family reunion and we got to ride in elder and sister prices RV, so that was fun. On the way back elder Moore got hit with a can of green beans.

May 29
So this week was fun, we had two potlucks and at one of them they had a ton of wild hog there. They are super fatty but they were super good. Also this week I bit into a piece of moldy bread :(  It was dark so I didn't see the mold but I definitely could taste it. The humidity is definitely picking up. The mosquitoes are pretty bad but I have not had an encounter with chiggers yet. Everything is going to be so different when I come home

June 6
So this week has been good. But this upcoming week should be fun. We are having a zone conference tomorrow and that should be really fun. So what do you guys have planned for me when I get home? Try not to plan anything Saturday afternoon and Sunday because I will be driving up to my mission president’s homecoming by the MT. Timpanogos temple.

June 13

So this week we did a lot of service. We helped at the YMCA we helped a member clear some of his property and we mowed someone’s lawn. Also the zone conference was super fun. We got to do a skit with my suit of armor and i forgot the middle part at the apartment, but it was still good. Also they had ice cream there and they were asking us to eat more so I probably ate a half gallon by myself, after I had 3 pieces of pizza. So it was super fun. So I have given 4 talks on my mission but i will always be really nervous. So is Jessica going to miss my homecoming?

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