Thursday, March 12, 2015

Feb. 23- March 9th

Feb. 23
Hi I’m doing good. Pensacola is OK. We talk to a lot more people just because Pensacola is more ghetto then Pace so there are more humble people here. Elder Singley is a cool guy. He didn’t know Elder Gordy, he is from Lewis Town. Thank you for the package, most of it was gone in two or three days. But it is nice to have lots of candy to devour in a short period of time every once in a while.
It was still hot enough to do this. (tasted pretty good still)

March 2
Quick question, did you plant a tree in our front yard? About my glasses, I went and ordered them so when I get them I will take some pictures and send them to you.  They are going to look so cool and they are transitions and just in time for summer. We do have a few more investigators but most of them aren’t the quality of investigators in Pace. But we did have a good lesson with one of our more solid investigators today.

March 9
Right when I got off the computer last Monday I remembered that it was dads birthday, so tell him happy birthday for me. I did not get Alex’s email, but that is crazy. Was the dog bite just on his leg? Then the volcano that is so cool and scary. I think that is would be cool to see a volcano erupt. It seems like everyone in Florida has some kind of dog. Some of them are not very nice looking ether. I got my new glasses so I will send you pictures. They are super cool and they are transitions. I’m doing well. I’ve been starting to get flab on my arms and it sucks. But when I get home maybe me and dad can go and work out together.