Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Transfered, but not far

Feb 9
I’m in Pensacola now. It is a little more ghetto then Pace so when it gets dark if we don’t have a set appointment, we will stay inside and work on the map or something. The members don’t feed us as much here so I’m trying to adjust to feeding myself for every meal. It can be hard sometimes. I want you to know that I love you and all that you did for me. You never know how good you have it till it is gone. In church there was a gas leak in the church so all the doors were open to try to air it out.
My new companion is elder Singley. He is from Montana. The apartment is smaller and less clean but you get what you get. It is just me and Singley. I know most of the other Elders because I got to see them at zone trainings and stuff.
Love you so much
Elder savage

Feb. 16
Valentine’s Day was good. Some random people sent my comp and I some candy so it wasn’t bad. When there is a holiday on Monday the library is usually closed. So we just find a new place to email.  I am in the routine of missionary life; I just wish that I could sleep more than I get to. My testimony has definitely grown.
 I might be going to an eyeglass place today so can you send me my eye prescription. I might not buy them this week but I have been really thinking about it.
When birds fly south for the winter
Zone Conference (Dallin is back row 2nd from right)
Photo Bomb picture from mission blog (Dallin behind the girls on the right)
Christmas combined

 Getting ready to burn

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leaving Pace

Here are the past few e-mails:

January 12
I guess I have a urinary tract infection, so they are giving me some antibiotics and since this has happened before they are referring me to a urologist.
We had interviews with president this week and he was saying that they are cutting the amount of missionary’s in our mission so most likely elder Whitney and I will be leaving pace. It got below freezing two nights in a row, so some people put there hoses in there trees and run them so they don’t freeze but then they get some cool icicles. I’m in the process of getting some gloves and a beanie. And I might need to buy a warmer coat.
 We switch off with the other elders teaching gospel principles. Speaking of hiring there is a cool guy in our ward, his name in John Larimer he is a convert and was on a mission in Colorado but came home early because he broke his leg. He intends to go back out and after he gets back he wants to move to cedar city and would like a job so he asked me to talk to you about it. But he is super cool and I love him.

January 19
Hey it has started to warm up a little but it still gets cold at night. But one of the watches you sent showed up, the one that looks like the speedometer and it is so cool. We found out that we are moving in with the other elders Wednesday and will live with them for two weeks. Some of my clothes are getting to small/tight for me and on February 4 we are going to go to the mall in Pensacola for p-day and I will be buying some new clothes. Do you want me to send you my old clothes or should I just throw them away?

January 26
Well when we were walking we got rebuked of our heresy so that was interesting. We were going up to a guy who was walking and as we go close he raised his arm to the square and rebuked us of our heresies.
We went to cracker barrel and it was super good. One more of my watches has shown up, the black one. So now I just need the white one. I haven’t been transferred just yet I will find on Sunday night what is happening for transfers.

February 2
I’ve gotten taller and fatter. I got my suit pants let out and today I will be buying some new jeans. One pair still fits and I might need a new pair of service shoes. And some of the Van Heusen shirts are super tight around the neck, but I might just get some button extenders.
So tanner got his license before Brant, Tanners life goal has been accomplished. I am getting transferred. All of pace is moving out, so all 4 of us are packing up and I will tell you more next Monday with my new stuff. It will be sad to leave pace.