Monday, May 16, 2016

April 25- May 16

April 25, 2016
Things are going good here. So when is Jessica getting married? So did your cousin bring any Swiss candy? If they did save me some. So we have a place to skype but we don’t have a time yet, we are having dinner with them on Saturday and we will talk to them then. What time do you guys have church? I have learned a lot on my mission about many different things.
Love you mom

May 2
So I will be face timing you around 3 your time. So this week was good. We did tons of service, I like service. Are there any ideas on who the new bishop will be? When is the beach trip?
You guys have to watch this video that the mission president put on the blog

May 8, 2016
Talking with you guys was great. I wish that I could give you all a hug. My black suit is ripping slightly and it is really tight. We work with a couple less actives that we are trying to help and we want their family to be fixed. We want to help them so bad. But we do some pretty good service most of the time it is yard work and cutting trees and stuff, but it is really fun.
Love you so much

May 16, 2016
This week we are seeing some progression with one of the people we are working with. It is awesome. Also, we did some service and we both got sunburned. It sucks when you have to wear a collared shirt when you are sunburned. Also a member gave us some lemon Oreos and we decided to make some mega Oreo.

Here are some pictures when I went to the court house where to kill a mocking bird took place. So how did Ryan die? He was my age right?

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