Wednesday, April 20, 2016

March 21 - April 18

March 21
This week has been good. We got a flat tire and Elder Decker didn’t know how to change it so I had to do it. We has a super tiny jack and the car almost fell off of it a couple of times. So they are planning on putting missionaries back in Jay. Ok so this transfer is a 7 week transfer and Elder Decker goes home on week 6, so after zone training I went and asked president what was going to happen to me because I would be without a companion for a week. He had totally forgot. So I have no idea what will be happening next week.

March 28
So Elder Decker goes home on Wednesday. I found out that I will be in Atmore from Wednesday till transfers. But this week was good, we had a lot of meal appointments, mainly because Elder Decker is going home. I’ve seen it with every companion I’ve had that went home. You get fed more right before they go home.  I’m not complaining.

April 4
This week I have been in Atmore with Elder Moore because his companion went home also. We got transfer news yesterday and I am going to be in Atmore and my new companion is Elder Moore. So we have to plan a trip back to Brewton to get the remainder of my stuff. So is Jessica going to have one of the cars/trucks or are you guys keeping all of them for like me till I get married and Brant, Tanner, and Miles while they are still at home? Elder Moore is a great guy, he is from Syracuse Utah and he goes home in two transfers so it looks like I am going to kill another missionary.

April 11
My new address is:
 710 E laurel St. #206
Atmore, Alabama 36502.
So they gave me a call on Tuesday about my release date and I kind of freaked out a little bit. Elder Renlunds talk worked perfectly with a less active in Brewton. I hope she watched it. I love you too mom
The new area is good and elder Moore is super cool, so we are like 45 min away from the place where "to kill a mocking bird" took place

April 18
This week has been pretty good. We got some family history training from a senior couple here. So does Brant know when he will be leaving, if I get home before he leaves I could show him a few things. I did not have Bro. Heap for seminary. It is crazy that Jessica is getting married so soon, and they couldn't wait 2 more months.  It doesn’t look like I have ran across anyone that has had that 7th positive interaction yet

Love Elder Savage

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