Monday, August 25, 2014

First week in Florida

I’m doing great it is so hot here the heat index yesterday was 120 degrees. I’m in in pace which is west of Milton and is almost as west as you get in Florida. My companion is elder Taylor. He is a ginger. He is great. So our area is a small town and we switch off biking and driving depending on how far we are going. My bike is awesome it has a speedometer and a cool license plate that says "boys rule".  I can’t remember what for but president smith said that I need my social security number so if you could send me that would be good. And don’t be alarmed if I make a big purchase on my card today because I have to buy all my stuff I didn’t bring. Last night we eat at the Castanas house and they served us breakfast. Their sons play league of legends so I had something to talk about. We had an awesome time at their house and when we left they gave us a bunch of Oreos, Ritz’s and triskets. It was fun. My new address is 4497 Governors St, pace FL 32571
Love you tons,
 Elder savage

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Here are a few pictures of the new missionaries arriving in Tallahassee. They are from the Mission blog.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Off to Florida

I am doing good. It is so crazy that I'm already leaving the MTC. It felt so short. I have learned so much here. I love my teachers Brother Singleton and Sister brown. I will first try to call the home phone [when I am at the airport] so try to have a charged phone in your room. And I might not even have time to call you but I really hope I do. love you tons

My MTC companion Elder Farnsworth  and Sister Bown
President and Sister Smith in Tallahassee

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First P-Day

This week has been really cool. So the first thing that happened was that my assigned companion didn’t show up on Wednesday so I was put into a trio. It was really cool. and that night when we were going to our room that our keys weren’t working  so we  went to the front desk and had a security guard come with us it wasn’t till we got back to our room that we realized that we had  gone to the wrong floor the time before. The food here is really good I can stuff myself and then have ice-cream every meal. OK and my assigned companion showed up yesterday so I am no longer in a trio. On Sunday we got to watch Bednar’s talk   on the character   of Christ it was so amazing. 
Love you
Elder Savage

PS the space bar sticks on this computer and this is my only p-day in the MTC so the next time you hear from me I will be in Florida.

So I was going to send you some photos but I can’t seem to get to the SD card on the computer in the MTC

(Dallin was able to get the pictures to work)

Dropping Off Dallin