Thursday, September 22, 2016

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June 20
so this week has been pretty good, we did tons of service. then to top it all off we had some great plans for Tuesday after district meeting to find out that I am being transferred to Tallahassee and we need to be in Daphne Tuesday at 2 so our plans got canceled and today got really busy. so I am going to be spending my last two weeks as an office elder. so why are Jessica and Alex not going. happy father’s day, love you dad

July 2

so this is my last email! so this week has been fun we have met with a bunch of people. but I have only met people once and most likely won’t see them again. so I weighed myself yesterday and the weight gain for my mission is about 30 lbs., I’m fat now. so I can’t really ask you questions because I won’t see the reply but hope you are having a fun time at the cabin.

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