Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 13, 2015

I’m doing good. It is so crazy that Alex is home. I wish I could see him, he is awesome. When does Braxton come home. It seemed like he left way before me. So has Brant started any of his mission papers? It is crazy to think that Brant in graduating soon and also that I graduated almost a year ago. But it has been good here. The institute class is held in our building so we get to go to it and it is so awesome and fun. Encourage Brant and Tanner to go it is a lot of fun.

Monday, April 6, 2015

March 16- April 6

March 16, 2015
The work has really taken off this week. we got 5 new investigators, 4 other lessons, 5 rcla (Recent convert less active) lessons, and 27 oyms (Open your mouth). But most of the time we don’t do anything on p-day besides email and shop. The reason that I am emailing so late is because my comp called our mission nurse and got a dentist appointment today so we drove to Crestview and apparently he has to get a root canal. So we will be going back next Tuesday.

March 23, 2015
It has definitely been warming up here over the last few weeks it has been in the mid-80s and it has been sprinkling throughout the day so the humidity is up there too. Most of the time we don’t do musical stuff. The only time we do stuff like that is for mission conferences and we have one or two musical numbers. There are so many people that can play the piano really well I wish that I could play super amazing stuff.

March 30, 2015
So this week has been good. We were in a lesson with a less active and for some reason she gave us a full rack of ribs and some BBQ sauce. So we are cooking that in the crock pot today. So last p-day we went to the naval aviation museum on the navy base in the next ward over. And today we are planning on going to the beach and getting some shells. But we have been told that we have getting iPad for the last two years and we still don’t have a date were we will fore sure have them. But something exciting is one of the members in pace got his mission call and he is going to the ST George Utah mission. So if you see an elder Nordstrom. Say hi for me.
You asked if I had grown on my mission.  On the mission you change quickly and you don’t notice how much until you are looking back.

April 6, 2015
Conference was super cool. One of my favorite talks was the guy with the silver dollar that talked about fathers. we had a tight scheduled on Saturday and had no time for lunch so we got some food from chick-fill-a and ate it in the library during the second session on Saturday. After the priesthood session we were going to get some ice cream and a member from gulf breeze came with us and paid for us. we started to talk and it turns out that he got hired to do air force one the same time as brad and he knew brad, not really well but he still knew him.