Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Only 6 months left

Jan 25, 2016
So this week was really busy. We had to go to Pensacola so many times this week. Also the zone leaders cancelled our trade off this week and are not sure if we are going to have one now. So this week it has been raining a lot not much flooding but it has been really cold. Cold enough that is snowed on Friday! It was very light and melted as soon as it touched anything but it was snowing. So how long are you going to have braces?

Feb 1, 2016

So our investigators didn’t come to church. But this week we had a branch blitz and so we got to see a lot of less actives. That is so awesome that Jess is getting married. When I get home I will have a brother in law. Alex is super cool. I’m just a little disappointed that they didn’t wait for me to get home.

Feb 8, 2016
So this week has been a normal week. But this week I made some red beans and rice with some cheese and some sausage and it was really good. Also I made the cookies that you sent me for Christmas finally, but I burned myself pretty bad on my finger. And I am sure that elder Decker will like his pj's shorts. So is there anyone else getting close to going on a mission besides Brant? Also Saturday was my 18 month mark so I burned my pants.
Love you

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