Saturday, December 5, 2015

Month of November

Nov 2
So this week there was a Halloween event in Jay that we went to, to help the branch hand out candy and I wore my suit of armor it was super fun. Over the weekend it poured rain especially Saturday night. Elder Huntsman’s first name is Tray. So we are still in a branch but we have a few more people, but the thing is that all of the active members live in Jay so we never get fed. So mom in her letter asked about the Christmas calendar that she sent me. So I don't have it any more, I’m super sorry, when you get transferred a lot of stuff gets misplaced. Like I left my pirate flag in Cairo :( but about my clothes, a member in Pace actually bought me some new pants and I don't have any of the pants I came out with except my suit pants. I had to have the grey suit pants let out 2 inches. But there is a big rip in the butt so I don't know what to do with them. but even the new pants I got in Pace one of them is not doing so good there was a hole worn through the pocket that I had to patch and the back belt loop broke ant there is another one getting the same way. But pretty soon I will be sending home some packages, one for me that I am just sending home and one is all of your Christmas presents, so don't open it.

Nov 9
So this week was pretty good. So when I got transferred here they had a baptism set up so we are going to have a baptism on the 28th. There is a lot of work in Brewton. A less active we have been working with came to church two times in a row and he is on track to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. So we don't get to go to the temple because the closest you can get to a temple anywhere in our mission is like 4 hours away. 

Nov 16
Things are going good here in Brewton. So the less active that has been coming the last few weeks took us out to eat at a real southern place. So Danyelle, and yes that is how she spells it, she is doing good. She wants me to baptize her. So the carmelitas were super good. They even gave us the left overs.

Nov 23
So first an update on Danyelle. So she was standing up for what she believed and her dad hit her. She ran away and the cops showed up at our house looking for her. A family found her crying on the side of the rode and took her to their house and she called us on their phone while the cops were at our house. The cops talked to her and got the address and headed over to get her. They asked if she could stay with us for the night but  we couldn’t so we called one of our investigators who was Danyelle’s moms cousin. She stayed the night and her parents came and got her the next day, she is currently in Louisiana. And her parents have put out a lot of threats toward us so we are trying to stay away from the situation. Elder huntsman is going home soon and I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday. Thank you for the money I didn’t know I got it till you told me. Love you mom

Nov 30
So this week has been good. So we had transfers on Wednesday and I got a new companion, Elder Decker. He is from Houston Texas and he has been out for 20 months. We had a nice Thanksgiving with our branch president. After we ate food, we sat down and played a really old LDS trivia game with crazy hard questions but it was really fun. After that we went to another member’s house and they tried my pie and they said that I would have to come over and help them cook for Christmas. We will have to measure me when I get home to see if I have stopped growing yet. Tell tanner happy birthday for me.