Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27, 2014

So this week has been good. In our district we have 6 elders and 2 sisters and for lunch we went to taco bell and played burrito roulette which is where everyone buys 3 burritos and they are all wrapped the same and 3 of the burritos were nasty burritos and we all take one and pass it to the right eat, take pass left eat, take pass across and eat, and if you got the bad burrito you had to eat the whole thing. 2 had only jalapenos and guacamole, and 1 had every type of sauce in it. We then went bowling where I ripped my pants again.
 We have 2 investigators, one has a baptismal date and one is in Italy right now and almost has a baptismal date.   Also, the peddle on my bike broke in half. And that same night I fell in to a hole. (We were riding along a highway on the grass and it was dark, there was a hole and my front tire went into it and stopped but the rest of my bike wanted to still be moving.  So I went over the handle bars.

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