Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Companion

My new companion is awesome his name is Elder Whitney and he got transferred from Milton which is the next city over. We would hang out on p-days. I got the package and it was awesome, thank you so much. The picture on the mission blog where it looks like I am "dancing" is with Elder Browning and I was doing a karate take down.
So the coolest thing happened this week so we have an investigator that we have been teaching for 2 years and we had taught him all the lessons. We were sitting down for dinner and we normally watch D&C videos but I asked what other things we had to watch and Elder Whitney pulled out the Mormon message videos and when we opened it up it was the bible videos so we decided to watch them. We got to the part where Jesus is cleaning out the temple and he was throwing the tables and my comp and I were both surprised and we looked in the bible and found that is said that he was overturning tables, after that we decided to follow along in the bible with the videos because they are word for word from the bible and when we got to the sermon on the mount in Matt. 7 and it applied perfectly and we made an awesome lesson plan and when we gave it to him he really opened up to us and he is so close to a bcd. (I think this is baptism covenant day but not sure (Cheryl))

Elder Swenson

Sister Riggs Sewing my pants

Elder Taylor

Elder Swenson

kittens at a rc's house

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