Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pepper spray and Fire Hydrants

September 28, 2015
So this week we had a zone conference and we got this new little brochure for family history to teach out of. Also we were told that now we are going to focus on less actives. So we went hard on contacting less actives and most of the people that we actually talked to told us that they moved. We have found like six people who have moved already. Also I lost my camera charging cord and I couldn’t find it so I’m going to have to buy one soon. This week I made some cinnamon swirl cake and it was pretty good. It is crazy how we missionaries don’t get told anything, we didn’t find out about Elder Scott till Sunday.

Suit of Armor so far

October 5, 2015
So this week was fun. So we had a trade off with our district leader but they are in a trio so he just came to Cairo with both of us. That morning when we woke up we were surprised to find a block of ice on the counter with all of elder McEwan’s change and my name tag in it. So for conference we were the only ones in the church for every session. So before the priesthood session we went to dairy queen to get ice cream because the priesthood session got out at 10. When we were at dairy queen they charged me $40.60 instead of $4.06, some pretty high quality ice cream, but they put the money back on my card right after. My favorite talk was Elder Hollands about mothers. All I wanted to do was give mom a hug. So Ja’coleman has not been staying in contact with us and he has not been keeping his appointments. It is almost time to drop him we are giving him one last chance on Friday.

​What it looks like every morning
October 12, 2015
So this week was good, so Monday night I got pepper sprayed! We went to contact a less active that we knew nothing about. We knocked on the door and a lady came out and we asked here is she was the person we were looking for. She told us to get off her property. So we went and stood on the road and we asked her again if the person we were looking for lived there. Then she threatened to call the cops. And it was dark so we didn’t see that she had pepper spray that she sprayed at me. It missed and got all over my arm. After that we walked away not knowing if the person we were looking for lived there.

Pepper spray
 So I am being transferred. I won’t know who my new companion or area is till Wednesday. So I have had to speak once here. There is only one week out of the month that the branch has speakers from the branch. They pull people from the high council to speak. And I think that I won’t have much of an accent when I come home, my grammar will just be horrible. So we actually dropped Ja'coleman because he is not ready.

the field is white already to harvest

We were walking around Whigham and found that they paint there fire hydrants

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