Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fantastic week

This has been a pretty fantastic week.  To start it off, on Tuesday we had a half mission conference and we had 2 70's there. That bring the total that I have met to 4 70's and one apostle. The 70's that came were Elder Neilson and Elder Stanfill. Elder Stanfill will be giving a talk in general conference Saturday afternoon session.
So we picked up two new investigators this week, so that brings the grand total for this transfer to six new investigators.  The next thing is we had stake conference this week so we drove down to Tallahassee and stayed the night with our zone leaders and drove back on Sunday. When we got home we had dinner and decided to go and see one of our investigators that lives close to us. we got in and had a great lesson with him. we were reading 3 Nephi 11 and we got to a part where it said to be baptized and be saved or no and be dammed and the spirit nudged me to extend a baptismal invitation.  It wasn’t the normal "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ" I just asked "do you want to be baptized" and he opened up and we now have a date set for October 31, and yes I know that is Halloween.
Also the hurricane that is coming this way shouldn’t do much up here but we have been told to have are 72 hour kits prepared and our cars topped off with gas.
Success Academy is no1 in the nation?  That is so cool.

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