Monday, June 29, 2015

Blue Angels & Worn out shoe

June 22, 2015
Happy father’s day dad. I love you so much. so this week I decided to make some brownies and after they were all gone I decided that they were easy to make so I made another batch. I think when I get transferred to a new area and have money I will start to cook more. Cook all day p-day and have leftovers all week. I really miss the big get togethers that we do with everyone. They are so much fun.

June 29, 2015
Miles will be 12 by the time I get home. That is so crazy he will be a deacon. So this week I was on a trade off and I left the area to go to West Pensacola. Their apartment is really close to the navy air base where the blue angels are stationed out of. So that morning I got an awesome picture.
This week we were family history tracting and we ran into this lady that was from England. We talked a little about family history and I told her my ancestors were from England and I asked her if Savage was a common name over there and she said it was. But it was super cool.
also one of my pairs of shoes is worn out already. 

one pair down one to go

Pensacola/ Mobile zone conference (With the homemade ties)

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