Monday, May 4, 2015

Staying in Pensicola

May 4
 The day of service was out of our area and we didn’t have the miles or a ride to go so we were not there. So we don’t know exactly when we will call, but we think that it will be around 3 or 4 your time. I have been wearing my fast Sunday tie.  Elder Singley and I have come to the knowledge of how to make ties. So I have made two they are OK. We will also be making some new ones this week for us and the other two elders in our district for zone conference that will be next Tuesday. Also president was joking when he told all of us that we were having a mission dodge ball tournament.

April 27
I’m pretty good. So we went to Crestview today for my companion and we were there for two and a half hours. The weather channel was on and I learned that there was a big storm in New Orleans and that it is heading our way.  Transfers are coming up on Wednesday. We are both staying in Pensacola for at least another six weeks.  it turns out that in a little while our mission is going to have a dodge ball tournament so that will be really fun.

April 20
So this week has been a slow week we had a lot of appointments fall through so we have been walking around a lot. But that Spartan race sounds super fun, but I would have to get in shape when I get home first. I’ve been trying to do 50 push-ups in the morning and I get really sore but hopefully I will get to steadily increase.

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