Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Nov. 24th and Dec. 1st

 Nov. 24th
so for thanksgiving we only have one dinner planed so after dinner it will be like a normal day. but it has warmed up a little and when we were walking yesterday night it was foggy and my glasses fogged up and it was really creepy. we almost did dodge ball for a zone activity but ended up having a turkey bowl. we are also planing on having a ward turkey bowl on Thursday.

 Dec. 1
So my Thanksgiving was great. To start off we had a turkey bowl and our ward won against the other ward, which is surprising because they had a lot of young marines. We went to a members house for dinner and we had fried turkey and it was so good. After dinner we had a small fire and sat around and talked and had a good time.
One of the other elders, elder smith, was cooking a hamburger on our stove and he tipped it to take it off and spilled some grease on our stove and so we had a fire in our apartment for a minute.

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